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St Louis MO


- St. Louis Cardinals
- Busch Gardens
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Welcome to Busch Stadium Unofficial Guide

The new Busch Stadium is located in St Louis, Missouri and is home to the 2006 World Series Champion St Louis Cardinals. Busch Stadium is located in the downtown area of St. Louis near the Gateway Arch in St Louis. The New Busch Stadium replaces the old Busch Memorial Stadium which officially opened on April 4, 2006. The New Busch Stadium is partially on the grounds of Busch Memorial. Views from the stadium are spectacular as the Gateway Arch and downtown St Louis are viewable. There is a state of the art entertainment system and video boards at the stadium. The bleachers section is enhanced greatly from the old stadium. The stadium also has a neat retro look.
Ballpark Village is currently being developed outside of the stadium. A new aquarium and shopping district will be built in this area.
This area will be referred to as the downtown area of St Louis. Other Stadiums have these shopping districts outside of their locations and they have proven to be major hits to cities and fans alike. Pittsburgh's Station Square was designed in this manner.